Sexy Wicked Weasel Matt Lycra Bikini Range Mashup Video!

Kayleigh. Skye. Melissa. Tayla. Shany. 5 sexy Wicked Weasel models are here to brighten up your day! Want to see more of these gals wearing bikinis? Check them all out here plus get a surprise gift from us:

Sun. Sea. The Beach. And of course, your fave Wicked Weasel ladies. Do you really need more convincing to watch this sizzling behind the scenes video? 😉

See more of these lovely ladies plus more when you celebrate Wicked Weasel’s 26th Birthday with us here:

Kayleigh, Skye, Melissa, Tayla and Shany. It’s okay if you can’t decide who’s the fairest of them all. ‘Cause really, why choose when you can watch them all rocking it in Wicked Weasel Bikinis?

Tell us, are you interested in watching more mashup videos like this? Let us know in the comments section below and we may just make your request come true.

These gals are all wearing sexy bikinis from the Matt Lycra Bikini Range! There’s a sexy new twist with everyone’s go-to bikini – the Matt Lycra is now available in lined styles! New WW sexy cuts you’re sure to adore, but lined in the same soft fabric for a firmer feel. And less sheer appearance when wet. 😉

Grab yours now in Black, Fire Red, Neon Coral, Shiny Amethyst, Shiny Lapis, and White! Plus you’ll get a surprise treat from us here:

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Song: Altero – Hot Baby (ft. Joey Busse)
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