Sexy Lily’s First Bikini Try On Haul Video: Wicked Weasel’s Very Own Bombshell

Caution: this video is full of hot Wicked Weasel bikinis. Watch Lily in her very first sexy bikini try on haul video! Then cop all her sizzling bikini looks here:

Wicked Weasel’s bombshell is back! Only this time, it’s not for a hot photoshoot, but for a very sexy bikini try on haul video. Hear it straight from Lily as she tries on bikinis after bikinis, of course, all from Wicked Weasel!

In this try on haul video, Lily also gives us a glimpse on how it’s like to live right by the beach. She’s living the life. She can look out of her window and there it is – the Bondi Beach!

The only question is: what Wicked Weasel bikini will Lily wear to the beach today? Watch this sexy bikini try on haul video, and find out. Plus, hear her honest opinion about Wicked Weasel bikinis and what she absolutely loves about each one.

What Wicked Weasel bikini do you like most for Lily in this sexy bikini try on haul video? Let us know in the comments section below. We can’t wait to read your thoughts (suggestions, or really, anything you’d like us to know)!

How about treating yourself or a loved one to a hot bikini today? We listed all the bikinis in this sexy bikini try on haul video for you. Happy bikini shopping!

Cherry Bomb:

Goddess Lace (Hurry – this beautiful bikini will be off of Wicked Weasel soon. Make sure to snap it up before it goes away!):

Ocean Shimmer:


Lily is on Instagram! Follow this gorgeous gal and get to know her more here: @missliliamelia

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