Sensational in Sheer! Jadey Dares To Go Bare In Wicked Weasel Bikinis

Don’t miss this sexy new behind the scenes video from Jadey’s recent Wicked Weasel photoshoot! Afterwards, you can find all the naughty styles she wears here:

Ever notice how some things can’t be explained with logic or reason? You have to rely on your intuition instead! Like when you’re trying to decide which bikini to wear because you want to feel your absolute sexiest.

Of course you have plenty of options to choose from. And yet instinctively you’ll reach for something sultry, soft and just a little bit sheer, like the stunning bikini Jadey models in this sexy new video!

You’ll see Jadey wear the sensational Bare Vision Bikini in an all NEW pink color!

This naughty bikini is sheer when dry and even more transparent when wet! So when you step out of the water and onlookers start to lose their minds… you’ll know why 😉 Find yours here:

Love the gorgeous sheer maxi dress Jadey wears? It’s the NEW Bare Vision Dress! This dress is the perfect addition to the sexy Bare Vision Range. This sheer dress has a silky soft fit with high side slits and adjustable straps. Wear it as a beach cover up or on its own – if you dare to go bare! 😉 Shop yours here:

What did you think of these super sexy sheer styles? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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