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Únase a mí en esta caminata por Camden Market London para vivir una experiencia de compras única, mientras navego por el laberinto de tiendas y puestos de comida callejera de Londres tratando de no perderme. Los mercados de Camden son varios grandes mercados minoristas contiguos, a menudo denominados colectivamente Camden Market o Camden Lock, ubicados en los antiguos establos históricos de Pickfords, en Camden Town, Londres. Está situado al norte de la esclusa de Hampstead Road del Regent’s Canal. #CamdenMarket #CamdenTown #StreetFood

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  • Germans are persecuted in the borough of Camden….I am an ethnic German, British citizen, living in London since the year 2000, in Camden since 2008…I am constantly assaulted, burglarised, and called "German pig" since the Brexit…I have also received the sauerkraut in the letter…photos of which are stored by people in UK and Germany….those who persecute me seem to be blissfully unaware of the fact that German embassy is (according to German laws) here in London for all Volksdeutsche, regardless of nationality, in my case British… Dylan Moran said that "Germany is a toilet", "Germans look like pork scratchings", and the "German language is disgusting"…no one accused him of "anti-Germanism" cause there is no such offence in UK…I suppose that it was merely an "anti German sentiment", and British people are obviously allowed to voice their "sentiments"…. It is time for the German embassy, OHCHR, the EU Court, and German media to learn that…..P.S. I made a screenshot of this comment and I'll send it to various places in UK and Germany…in case it gets deleted here, and post festum interpreted as "illegal" (unlike Dylan Moran's fully legal speech).

  • That's so nice. Thanks you for capturing the place & atmosphere. What day of the week were you shooting? We are planning to visit the market soon & considering Which day to visit.

  • I want all the people on the planet to be happy, so I will talk about it and do it! Friends, the International Social Project CREATIVE SOCIETY is gaining tremendous momentum in the world. People from different countries, nationalities and religions are coming together to build a just society. Only together we can change our world!

  • Camden Market is not what it used to be. The heart and soul has been ripped out of it. It used to be the place to go for Goth and Alternative, not anymore. Now it is simply stalls selling cheap Chinese tat to tourists. The only real reminder of the old market is Cyberdog, if you are into Cybergoth and Rave culture.

  • Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam) thank you my friend for sharing good video. I wish you good health and a nice day. Greetings from Vietnam to you🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳💝


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