Love Them Booty Shorts: Hanging On Set With Tamika

Look hot while training hard with Wicked Bod – Wicked Weasel’s Activewear Line. See more here:

Wicked Weasel isn’t just about bikinis and lingerie. ‘Cause we know you can pull off the sultry active look, too!

Just watch Tamika as she flaunts her best assets wearing Wicked Weasel booty shorts. This Wicked Weasel model is lookin’ fit and fierce. We just know you’ll love her!

Everyone loves the Wicked Weasel Booty Shorts! And why not? It’s super short and extra saucy. Just the right sexiness for a Wicked Weasel girl.

So make sure to get yourself some here:

PLUS it’s also available in some of our best-selling prints, too:

Pst… be sure to pick up a matching WW 929 Tank to go along with:


FUENTE Wicked Weasel

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