Lingerie Fighting Championships 37 Recap

LFC podcast host Michael Larkin is joined by Coach Hater (Black Team) and Coach Kane (Pink Team) to discuss LFC37: Back to the Mansion and determine which coach had the better record. Includes exclusive video from the fights.


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  • el 07/03/2023 a las 4:14 am
    Enlace permanente

    I have to say that, by far, the Sheena/Bella match was the best of the night. The action, the "heat" between the two, it meet all expectations and exceeded them. I had high hopes for Salina/Katie and while it was most certainly entertaining, the two couldn't match the "heat" of earlier matches in the evening and the overall grudge match hype. On the whole, definitely worth the cost of membership but I think they had the wrong match as the main event.


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