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Leaving YouTube?? + Chit Chat + Game Night Family Feud

Why I’m thinking about leaving YouTube + Chit Chat About Life + Game Night Family Feud
#leavingyoutube #gamenight #comechitchatwithme

💟 Diva Glass: https://www.facebook.com/ora.barton


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  • You can never have too many streams of income darling, I hear that. Yay!!! Glad you’re not leaving and you look gorgeous 😍😍but of course. Oh yea don’t forget to leave in the description box where you got your diva glass 😊💕💕

  • I can relate to you about juggling several income, it definitely can take its toll on you.. I too might be taking a break and having a little rethink about my channel.. Take your break refresh yourself and come back because your channel is doing really well.. 👍👍👍

  • Please don't leave us sweetheart…we love your humor and energy and beauty. I look forward to your videos and how much you make me smile and I love you ❤❤❤❤

  • So glad you have decided to stay sis, but I hear ya…I see "sparkles" too 🤣😂😳😍 ✨
    Its always nice to take a break sometimes! We will always be here for you 🙏🏼❤️ ✨

  • A. Ms. Lenita Thankyou!!! For the fun time.

    B. Ms. Lenita please lets do it again.

    C. Ms. Lenita I bet you're the life of the party.

    D. Ms. Lenita Thankyou!!! for the kind and positive encouragement. It's advise I needed to listen to.

    E. Ms. Lenita It's good to know that a beautiful, sexy, thick, ebony, stylish, clean, professiona, great communicater, presentator, intelligent, wise, educated, common sense, resourceful, clever, steadfast, motherly, understanding, courtious,friendly, helpful, loving, giving, generous, creative, original, talented, kind and Classy First Class Lady can still be found.

    F. Ms. Ms please keep doing what you're doing.
    1. Ms. Lenita you bring smiles to a person's face.
    2. Ms. Lenita you're the sunshine in a person's rainy day.
    3. Ms. Lenita you're the encourager to help lift a person's spirit.
    4. Ms. Lenita you're the sugar in a person's Kool Aid and Tea.
    5. Ms. Lenita you're the encourager to the dispondent.
    6. Ms. Lenita you're a friend to the friendless.
    7. Ms. Lenita you're a mother to the motherless.

    G. Ms. Lenita you're like KFC Chicken. 100% original.

    H. Ms. Lenita I enjoyed our time together. Please let do again.

    I. Ms. Lenita please continue to get on life's stage and let your inner light shine. Please continue to climb life's ladder and let the world see The Great and Wonderful Gifts, Talents, and Treasures that are inside of you.

    J. Ms. Lenita these are The Great and Wonderful Gifts Talents and that I see inside of you.

    K. Ms. Lenita You Go Girl!!
    L. Ms. Lenita please stay safe.
    M. Ms. Lenita God Bless You!!!.


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