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Easy & Sexy Halloween Costume Try On Haul 2021 (some with Pantyhose!)

Here I try on some easy & sexy Halloween costumes I put together. Some have pantyhose & fishnets!
Find the extended / uncut version at https://patreon.com/emma_ruby
Patreon – https://patreon.com/emma_ruby
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Patreon – https://patreon.com/emma_ruby
OF – Emma_Ruby
In December of 2021, I changed my name from ‘Salt Lamb’ / SaltLamb to Emma Ruby. On Twitch, I used to go by ‘TheSaltLamb’ / The Salt Lamb, which was my old gamer tag. So if you hear me refer to myself as ‘Salt Lamb’ in older videos, that’s why!

Includes: Sexy Witch Costume, Sexy Devil Costume, Sexy Mime Costume, Sexy Firewoman Costume (from SHEIN), & Sexy Cat Costume in Catsuit

FUENTE Emma Ruby

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