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Dating: Would You Date Him or Her If They Had Over Three Kids | How Many Kids Is to Many?

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👉 Hey you guys. Today were going to discussing, would you date a person that has over three kids. I’m also going to take live calls to get your feedback.

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#dating | #relatioshipadvice | #datingwithtomanykids | #Lenita_Washington_ | #Lenita |

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12 comentarios en «Dating: Would You Date Him or Her If They Had Over Three Kids | How Many Kids Is to Many?»

  • You my kinda lady. Team no kids. Too bad I’m only 31. I glad I make it with No jail record no mental issues no baby momma drama. Good worker educated and well maintained and polite with a little hood in me. I feel like I’m a hot commodity but I remain humble because I’m looking for my time to shine flourish to my fullest potential

  • Hello Beautiful Lenita Washington I Hope You Have A Great Wonderful Weekend Ahead Blessed With Love Joy And Happiness.🌹🌷❤️😘💋🙏💕💞😀🤩😍💝💗👍💋

  • Hello Beautiful Lenita Washington I Hope You Have A Great Wonderful Weekend Ahead Blessed With Beautiful Accomplishments And Achievements Great Success Total Happiness Sunshine And Smiles That Will Allow You To Enjoy Your Life As A Happy And Successful Person In The World.🙏💋😘❤️🌷🌹

  • Hey there, I would say I have dated several women with multiple of children. I personally don't have any problems dating a woman with children. My problem is that when the mother don't have control of the children. To me, if the children don't have no discipline and disrespect for their mother, then, what am I going to do with them. Now I always look at that when I'm dating woman with 2 or more kids.

  • Hey BFF, great topic !! I just purchased your book🙋🏾‍♀️can’t wait to read it😘 me personally no, I wouldn’t date a man with children. I need some me time, this is us time🥰 and vacations emphasizing vacations😄looking beautiful always. Love ya😘

  • Hello Beautiful Lenita I Hope You Have A Great Wonderful Evening Blessed With Love Joy And Happiness.💋❤️😘🙏🌹🌷💝💗😀👍💞💕💋


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