Beautiful Pattaya Girls & Must See Insane Classic Car Collection in Jurassic Garden

Pattaya Thailand Girls visit awesome Tropical Jurassic Garden with amazing unique insane Collection of Classic Race Cars, feed a ancient Arapaima Fish in a Lake, explore most expensive precious Plants of these World, visit Dinosaurs Valley, have a Fun and make a Adventure of a Lifetime everyday in a awesome Pattaya Attraction –

It’s a truly amazing collection, it’s my personal passion, it’s unique in the world of car collections anywhere. It’s an eclectic mix of offbeat sportscars, with the majority falling into the hand built with ultra low volume category, mixed up with off-road capable machines of all shapes, sizes and application. There’s also the most rudimentary microcars, high performance sports trikes, SUVs and trucks – with lots of off-road DNA racing cars, rally cars, ATVs and even bicycles.

Pattaya starts to reopening but in Thailand are almost no any Tourists, so Pattaya Crisis continue and Pattaya Lover still waiting to visit Pattaya.

Everyone can do somethings (just watch these video for example or please donate) and help too.

Foreign men you are the Light in our darkest hours because your support and help Pattaya Thai cute Girls to feed many hungry people of Pattaya in Pattaya Crisis. Thai Pattaya Girls organize food Donation for hungry People of Pattaya.Everyone can do somethings (just watch these video for example or please donate) and help too.

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Goes Viral Video show us the easy ways to have Fun while Thailand Travel in Pattaya and maybe date a beautiful Thai Girl –

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01:03 Nong Nooch Tropical Garden Attractions
17:36 End Scenes

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FUENTE Queen of Pattaya Thai Girl

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