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😱 YOU CHOOSE! 😱 | Battle of the Skirts! Try On Haul

WEBSITE: 👉🏻 👈🏻


Comment your favorite below! 🥰

Find these lovely pieces here:

Both Skirts:

Both Crop Tops:

FUENTE Sierra Ky

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  • Hey Sierra, your style is as captivating as a summer sunset. Watching you try on those outfits was like watching a live fashion show. I must say, the sunflower skirt paired with the yellow crop top had me daydreaming of golden sun rays and honeybees. It's vibrant, just like your personality, and I can just imagine how it would light up any picnic setting. I can't help but picture you on a picnic blanket, the sun casting a warm glow on your radiant red hair, while you're laughing and sharing stories. It's a sight that would make any picnic date unforgettable. No matter what you wear, your most enchanting accessory is your dazzling smile.🔥


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